Creating a new loan can be done using our intuitive wizard and the following steps once you have successfully logged into your Nestablish account.

  1. Click Loans from the main navigation (or the New Loan button on your Dashboard).
  2. If you have associated more than one state license with your account, you'll first select the state's license you're using for this loan.
  3. Choose your loan's options: the loan template (AZ PQF required for Arizona loans), whether you need the buyer to sign an MLU, and whether you'll need a Needs List, then click on Create New Loan.
  4. You can choose to import a valid Fannie Mae 3.2 (FNM 3.2) file exported from your loan origination system or manually input buyer information. Choose the option appropriate for you.
  5. If manually inputting buyer information, you'll enter that on the next screen. When uploading an FNM 3.2 file, you'll just confirm the information in the boxes. At a minimum, you'll need a buyer's full name and either email address or phone number.  Once you've verified the buyer information, click Save Changes.
  6. Complete the terms of the loan (max loan amount, down payment, interest rate, etc), as well as the Loan Program, Property Type, and Occupancy Type. Click Save Changes.
  7. When completing an Arizona loan, you'll need to complete the AZ PQF form information. If completing a Texas loan, you'll be required to complete the Required Information checklist. Once the additional information is complete, click Save Changes. All other states will be skip step 7.
  8. When you have selected that you are requiring a Needs List (from step 3), you'll be able to choose the items you need. Once you have selected the items you need, click Save Changes.
  9. The final step is to sign the Loan Terms. You must type your name exactly as it is entered on your profile, including extra spaces. Once you have typed your electronic signature, click Sign & Pre-Qualify.

After completing all steps, you may invite the buyer and their real estate agent to the loan so that they may print forms for the loan.