If you've changed companies and no longer have access to your primary email address on file, we are unable to send you your password. If you cannot retrieve the password reset link from your old email address, we are unable to grant you access to the account without strict verification (see below) for privacy reasons. You will need to notify us so that we can cancel your old account and then you may re-register using your new primary email address.

The best option to access your account is to know both your old email address and your account password so that you can log in and update your primary email address. Your old email and password will remain valid on Nestablish, even if you no longer have access that email address. Please see this additional information about what you need to do when changing companies. If you cannot reset your password, we can cancel your old account to prevent any duplicate charges and you can register for a new account with your new email address. You will lose all account information if you do this.

If you absolutely cannot lose the data in your account, you will need to send an email to help@nestablish.com with all of the following information and attachments:

  • an attached scanned copy (or close-up picture) of your US Passport,
  • an attached picture which shows your face next to the same US Passport,
  • your old primary email address, 
  • your NMLS number, 
  • and the Zip code of the address that was in your lender profile.

Only if we are able to verify all of the above will we be able to provide you with access to your account.

If you frequently need to reset your password, you may wish to look into a password manager (security experts recommend LastPass) to maintain your passwords for your online accounts.